The “TGV” is the France’s intercity high-speed rail service.

“TGV” is the abbreviation of the French term “Train à Grande Vitesse”, which can be translated to “high-speed train” and it is the France’s intercity high-speed rail service, operated by French National Railway Company SNCF.

There are five types of TGV equipment in use:

  • TGV Atlantique (10 carriages)
  • TGV Réseau (similar to Atlantique, but 8 carriages)
  • TGV Duplex (two floors for greater passenger capacity)
  • TGV POS (originally for routes to Germany, now used to Switzerland)
  • TGV 2N2 (Avelia Euroduplex) (upgrade of the TGV Duplex)

With none of the five types, there is a fully-fledged dining car. The bar area of the TGV Atlantique has some seating boths. The catering is provided by Newrest.

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