Hello everyone! My name is David and in May 2018 I started a small channel on Twitter called @_DiningCar with the intention of sharing pictures and stories from railway dining cars.

Around four years later in 2022 I hit the 10,000 followers benchmark and therefore I wanted to start this small webpage, including – at some point – a blog and a dining car glossary which will never be perfect or finalised. In 2022, I also created a Mastodon-Account.

You can find my dining car photos on my Flickr-Page, they are licensed under CC-BY. Feel free to share, please mention the Author and I’m happy to hear where they are used. There is also an Instagram-Account, not very active, but still… I’m happy when you tag me on your next railway trip!

The intention still remains the same: It’s a fun and voluntarily run (social media) project to bring joy and beauty with travelling by train as well as climate friendly means of transport to people with highlighting experiences in dining cars all over the world, mainly via the Mastodon and Twitter accounts!

Pictures from the Flickr-Account