The “Dacia” is a famous long-distance night train between Bucharest, Romania, Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria.

DB Bordgastronomie

DB’s passenger railway company “DB Fernverkehr” provide their onboard service on their own and not via an external catering company as many other railway companies in Europe do. DB is clearly Europe’s biggest railway company and also Europe’s biggest dining car company with a restaurant service on all their ICE-trains. Their dining cars are called […]

Do’s and Don’ts

One of the frequently asked questions regarding a stay at a dining car is, if there is a sort of code-of-conduct? A lot of people are not visiting a dining car at all or only on very rare occasions, so this question is more than understandable! First and foremost I would like to mention that […]


Since 2018 DoN’s is the caterer of the ÖBB dining cars (en: Austrian Federal Railways).