“AVE” is a high-speed railway service by the Spanish national railway company RENFE.


The “Dacia” is a famous long-distance night train between Bucharest, Romania, Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria.

Pendolino Bar

The “Pendolino Bar” is a railway station pub on platform 1 in Maribor, Slovenia and the caterer for the dining car with Eurocity-service “Emona”.

Pullman Dining

The “Pullman Dining” is a onboard service by Great Western Railway (GWR) between London and Plymouth.


“Ravintolavaunu” is the dining car service on Finnish government-owned railway company VR.

SJ onboard bistro

SJ is a government-owned passenger train operator in Sweden. The company is responsible for the onboard catering itself.


The “TGV” is the France’s intercity high-speed rail service.


Since 1948 Utasellátó’s area of business is the provision of accommodation and hospitality services for MÁV

VY Café

The Vygruppen (VY) is a government-owned railway company which operates passenger train services in Norway and Sweden. Their dining cars are called “VY Café”.