Do’s and Don’ts

One of the frequently asked questions regarding a stay at a dining car is, if there is a sort of code-of-conduct? A lot of people are not visiting a dining car at all or only on very rare occasions, so this question is more than understandable!

First and foremost I would like to mention that there are no special Do’s and Don’ts for a visit of the dining car, but I would like target the one ore another issue.


  1. Give a tip!
    As always, not only at dining cars: Tips are highly welcomed by the service personnel.
  2. Order food!
    Go for the full experience! Enjoying the landscape passing by while having a proper meal and a drink or a dessert and a coffee or tea is what you should aim for with a visit at the dining car. Also to mention: Sometimes the staff also has a share in the respective turnover in addition to their salary [1].
  3. Let others also have the chance for a stay!
    How long is an appropriate time to visit the dining car? is a difficult question! Don’t rush, but ideally go for your meal and leave afterwards to make space for other passengers who want to have a meal as well. BUT my recommendation is to have an eye on the on-board situation: If there is plenty of space and the train is not crowded, stay as long as you want!
  4. Check your purse and the dining car situation beforehand!
    Is there a dining car at all with the train? Does is take only cash or also cards? Which currency is accepted? Do I have enough money / my cards with me? These all are important questions which should be sorted out beforehand, especially if this is a trip with a (cross-border) train you never made before.
  5. Share your experience on Social Media!
    Spread the word about your experience at a dining car. Many people don’t know about it and I can say from my own experience: People love it ;)!
  6. Share your place with others!
    Space is limited at the dining car, so share your double or quad with others / strangers. A dining car is also a social place, you meet new people from different social classes. You don’t have to, but if it is possible for you: Be open minded, open hearted and share your story :)!


  1. Take all your luggage with you and block the way!
    There are many questions regarding this topic and what to do with your belongings when leaving for the dining car. There is no simple answer to this, as you have to feel relaxed at the dining car, but follow the link to the specific entry for this topic. Please take into account when deciding: Usually you are not alone at the dining car and the staff has to be able to do their work.
  2. A dining car is not a co-working space!
    Some people like to work or watch movies with their notebooks, or having (business-)calls at the dining car, but the dining car is not the right place for this. It is a place in a train where people are having a meal, a drink and a joyful time. Again, my recommendation is to have an eye on the on-board situation: If there is plenty of space and the train is not crowded, keep on going with your work, but order at least something!
  3. Don’t bring your own food or drinks!
    Order food from the dining car and don’t come with your sandwich from the station’s bakery or coffee stall. Of course, it is a whole different story if you have a special diet, but nowadays many caterers have alternatives that may fit your diet.

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