DB Bordgastronomie

DB’s passenger railway company “DB Fernverkehr” provide their onboard service on their own and not via an external catering company as many other railway companies in Europe do. DB is clearly Europe’s biggest railway company and also Europe’s biggest dining car company with a restaurant service on all their ICE-trains. Their dining cars are called […]

Do’s and Don’ts

One of the frequently asked questions regarding a stay at a dining car is, if there is a sort of code-of-conduct? A lot of people are not visiting a dining car at all or only on very rare occasions, so this question is more than understandable! First and foremost I would like to mention that […]


Elvetino AG, as a 100% subsidiary of SBB (en: Swiss Federal Railways), runs the railway catering in their dining cars. Registered office: Elvetino AG, Vulkanplatz 11, 8048 Zürich Website: elvetino.ch Current menu: ssb.ch Payment with cash and cards possible.


The “Krogen” is the name of the dining car of Swedish passenger railway undertakings Snälltåget.


“What to do with your luggage while staying at the dining car?” is one of the most urgent questions for railway travellers.

Pendolino Bar

The “Pendolino Bar” is a railway station pub on platform 1 in Maribor, Slovenia and the caterer for the dining car with Eurocity-service “Emona”.


“Ravintolavaunu” is the dining car service on Finnish government-owned railway company VR.

SJ onboard bistro

SJ is a government-owned passenger train operator in Sweden. The company is responsible for the onboard catering itself.


The “TGV” is the France’s intercity high-speed rail service.


Since 1948 Utasellátó’s area of business is the provision of accommodation and hospitality services for MÁV