Connecting Europe Express

The Connecting Europe Express is criss-crossing 26 countries, it traced many of the routes that bind us together, connecting countries, businesses and people. It will showcase the unifying force of rail. Its role is to make us better understand the challenges that European rail has to overcome in order to become the mode of choice […]


The “Croatia” is a long-distance train between Zagreb, Maribor, Graz and Vienna.


Since 2018 DoN’s is the caterer of the ÖBB dining cars (en: Austrian Federal Railways).


Newrest is a major catering company active in all catering and related hospitality segments.


“Nightjet” is a brand name given by Austrian railway company ÖBB to its overnight passenger train services.


The “Transalpin” is a famous long-distance train between Switzerland and Austria. Currently it links Zürich (Switzerland) with Graz (Austria) once a day per direction.


The “Vindobona” is a famous long-distance train between Berlin, Prague and Austria.